Easy Toddler Snacks from MissusBarnes.com

Healthy Freezable Snacks

Fun Toddler Snacks from MissusBarnes.comI love snacks, we love snacking and because I’m trying my best i do aim for Healthy Snacks. I  also absolutely hate having to buy snacks everywhere we go as most of the time they are either a)so healthy they have no taste or b) are just sugar and e numbers!

These recipes can all be made in Bulk and frozen! So I tend to put aside an hour a month and just make a ton of each and then put them in the freezer. Then I get some out the morning of any planned outing and by snack o’clock they have defrosted and can be devoured! Yippee Healthy Snacks that only took 10 seconds to prepare today!

They use a lot of the same ingredients so if you’re blessed with a glut of over ripe bananas, oats, honey or have lots of left over trail mix these are a great way to use them up.

So without further ado get greasing your muffin tins and bake trays . . LET’S DO THIS!!

Zucchini & Corn Bacon muffins from MissusBarnes.com

Zucchini, Corn and Bacon Muffins

Although these are called zucchini, corn and bacon muffins, I have been known to add pretty much anything I have lying about in the fridge looking a bit spare. So this recipe is VERY versatile, I’ve tried olives, sundried tomato, chorizo, feta, stilton. .

The Recipe is HERE 

Healthy Snacks Granola Bars from MissusBarnes.com

Granola Bars.

These are a favourite food on the go here as Henry doesn’t have to get off his beloved trike to eat them and they are pretty difficult to mash into a gooey paste and smear all over a car seat/ couch / into his hair – a massive PLUS.  They also don’t involve having to use the oven so i can make these whilst waiting for oven space / my muffin tin to cool down. We also tend too have lots of left over trail and nut mixes which I bulk up this recipe with. ( I have been known to eat a whole tray of these whilst 1000 yard staring out the window – thank goodness they are healthy snacks!)

The Recipe is HERE 

Toddler Snacks Healthy Snacks- Banana & Honey Muffins from MissusBarnes.comBanana Honey Muffins

These are another great left over recipe. We go through a ton of frozen berries in the winter in this house and I used to be a loss with what to do with the little bits of raspberry, blackberry or blueberry that were in the bottom of the packet as they are too small to do anything but liquidise when you defrost them. So I add them to this recipe.  This is also great for the fresh berries that ripen too quickly in the summer.  Super Easy and scrumptious!

The Recipe is HERE 

Carrot, Apple & Oat Cookies

Toddler Healthy Snacks - carrot apple cookies from MissusBarnes.comWell I saved the best til last. These Cookies are my absolute favourite and an all time winner in the Barnes household. Super easy to make, take about 15 minutes to defrost so are perfect to pop in snack bags as you head out the door and can be tweaked in so many ways! We normally have mixed dried fruits, diced up nuts and a lone chocolate button pushed into the top. But they are delicious if you just want to stick to the standard recipe which is HERE