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Increase your Social Shares with these 130+ Words

Do you spend ages writing  kick ass blog post that you expect to blast the lid off your social shares and then no one reads it…

Every time I write, I think about my readers and what would they want to read.  When I have a post, I think about what would my audience search for if they were looking for an article like mine.

The secret always lies in the title.  Is it the sort of thing your readers would actually search for? Are you using their words? It sounds so obvious now, doesn’t it?  So once you’ve figured out part of the title you need to make sure it really GRABS their attention!

Blog Title Requirements

  1. Very clear about what the post contains. No Guessing required
  2. Define what the value proposition is of the post ( what is this post about and why do you care – i.e this post is about improving traffic and a third of content marketers see traffic as their #1 metric for success)
  3. Finally –  Make sure to include some words or phrases that pique your readers interest! So think about what YOUR readers really want. What problem are you trying to solve. We writers really want to connect (so drop me a line or a comment and let me know how I’m doing – wave@missusbarnes.com).

Getting the title right is so important because once people read it they will decide, based on that one line, whether they actually want to read what you have written. If they do read it and it really resonates with them….they will share it and then their friends will read it… Social shares are the currency we trade in, we want to be heard and our words to be read.

If you are really struggling for ideas – check out the hilarious Title Maker from the chaps at Portent –

So here’s a great list of 130+ words and phrases to increase your social shares and  get your blog read!

130+ Words to improve your Blog Titles & Increase your Social Shares - MissusBarnes.com


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